Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

The rules are simple. Keep it clean. Nothing below the belt. Each contender (5 teams of Kettle employees) has 2 days to conceive, design, and prototype a digital product. Teams pitch their products at the end of the second day. A distinguished jury of judges score the match. The winning team oversees the production of their product by Kettle. Now go to your corners and get to work.

Meet the 5 contenders
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Nobody likes a braggart, but don’t let that stop you. Wager your ego against your friends and Twitter followers. Show the Twittersphere how righteously omniscient you are in accurately predicting life’s events, while reminding everyone just how wrong they often are.

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Can’t find that perfect animated GIF to illustrate your frustration with a co-worker? Head over to GIFFF, the world’s first curated animated GIF search engine.

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Tiny Adventures

Head off on a mysterious adventure, destination unknown. Follow directions laid out by the Tiny Adventures app, and learn a thing or two about your surroundings on the way.

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Kettle Royale Silver


Didn’t know Don Draper married Megan? Didn’t want to? Oops. Install the Shhush.it browser extension and you can hide spoiler content on social networks! Just tell Shhush.it which shows you’re watching and you won’t find out about Sybil’s tragic death during childbirth until you see it. Crap. Sorry.

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Kettle Royale Gold


The corporate intranet, re-imagined. The judges have spoken and Arsnl is on its way. Sign up below to receive an update when it's ready for prime-time. We will also let you know when the next Kettle Royale is scheduled.

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